Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 11 - Big Exit

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Mission 11 - Big Exit

Part 1 - Defend Buildings
  • During this phase, send 1 Rover to collect Discoveries and capture special Stations that give bonuses (only) as you will lose a lot of your Stations.
  • Flank the dead wormhole from which the enemy units arrive because they can turn suddenly and head toward Sector 2 and you don't want to have to chase them.
  • Have a mix of damage units, especially against Small ships. No point stealing ships here as you don't have a lot of choice or time, although an Offensive Setup Ulysses could try to grab a couple of Trilobites now and again.
  • If you managed to keep enemies contained in Sector 1, a few will still pop up in another Sector. You could either race to them or just warp your Violator over to start engaging them right away. Your Violator in gate mode cannot call XL-sized ships so a Trojan is probably the best first unit to get as it has force field to protect friendlies and EMP pulse for immediate crowd control.
  • You cannot lose even one structure or one evacuation ship or the mission will fail.
Part 2 - Protect Convoy
  • They don't tell you earlier but you will afterwards need to protect a structure in Sector 2 (why don't they tell you earlier?). Block the exit gate to Sector 3. As long as enemies don't go through you can stay in Sector 2. Otherwise, after all ships are through the Long Range Wormhole in Sector 3, rush to protect the Generator.
  • If you need more resource generation, you can warp your Violator back to a previous Sector where the enemies have stopped streaming in (e.g., Sector 1) and re-take Stations with resource bonuses.
Part 3 - Protect Force Field Generator
  • If you are coming back from Sector 3, some ships CAN get stuck behind the force field when it goes up. Might be a fluke, but if you really need them you can pull them out with your Violator.
  • There are a pair of Stations not far from the main grid of 5 Stations in front of the Force Field Generator. They do not typically come under fire so a Turret there, supported by a Repair Station, can trim some Small units coming from that flank.
In the video below, you can see the annoying mess that can happen when you don't rapidly build your fleet early to have enough ships to keep the enemy contained.

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