Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Tutorial and Mission 1 - Down in a Hole

Click here for the full index of Ancient Space mission walkthroughs as well as an overview of our playthrough paradigm.

Mission 0 - Tutorial
  • If you go to Sector 3 first you will acquire a Patriot and can build Lancers and Invaders for Sector 4.
  • Or you can go directly to Sector 4 and handle things with just Lancers and a Rover. A Wormhole sends in endless Lancers at the final area to be cleared.
Mission 1 - Down in a Hole

Part 1 - Cargo Ships
  • Instead of guarding the cargo ships, focusing on destroying the Warp Gate seems like a good idea except it goes down too slowly even on Normal Difficulty.
  • If you camp near the gate as suggested by the in-game tips, it appears that Pirates gate in more frequently as you are destroying them more quickly.
  • Once the Cargo Ships are near the bulk of the force, allies will assist because they are near enough.
Part 2 - Comm Tower
  • It appears that if you build any four Turrets anywhere (not just near the Comm Tower) the mission will still advance.
  • If you immediately build a Turret at the station nearest to the pirate Warp Gate that opens (right side of Comm Tower), and concentrate fire on it, you can destroy the gate before any Pirates warp in. You will have to do that later anyway. In the Youtube below you can see how annoying it is if you do not take care of it as soon as possible.

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