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Skyrim Mod - GQ Research

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod:
GQ Research
download version: 2014-Nov-30
Requires Dawnguard DLC and Dragonborn DLC

Adds an Armor item that lets you conduct research in the Magick skills. The resulting Research Papers can then be crafted into various items. The basic options are:
  • Destroy item for [Res]earch - Opens a container. Items put in are checked against research lists. Valid items are destroyed and Research Papers given to the player. The rate is 1 paper per 10gp value rounded down. All other items are left in the container and can be retrieved at any time. Accepted items are vanilla Potions and Scrolls.
  • Use [Alc]hemy Research for special ingredients - Trade Alchemy Research Papers for XP or to make special 1-effect ingredients.
  • Learn or Scribe Spells - Trade Alchemy Research Papers for XP, learn new spells, or scribe Spell Tomes or Scrolls for spells that are already known. Learning and Scribing require 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Quill, and 1 Inkwell.
  • Manipulate Soul Gems and Staves with [Ench]anting Skill
Alchemical Essences
  • "Alchemy Research" also includes an unspecified amount of reagents, which are used in various functions for Alchemy Research.
  • Alchemy Research can be traded for Essences and Catalysts, which are ingredients that have thematic alchemical effects at 3x the magnitude of typical ingredients.
Learning Spells
  • This simulates the player researching knowledge of a spell from scratch. Spells of up to Master level can be researched but the effective cost is quite high.
  • To learn a spell, prerequisite spells (if any) must be known. These are typically lesser versions of the spell (e.g., Ironflesh requires knowledge of Stoneflesh and Oakflesh)
  • Craft the Spell Tome with 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Quill, and 1 Inkwell, and a number of Research Papers equal to the base magicka cost of the spell (with some exceptions).
  • Poisoned Rune is learned through Alchemy with the Poisoner perk.
  • Some spells can be further researched into a Lesser Power version, typically with half duration (if applicable).
Manipulating Soul Gems (Enchanting Research)
  • Soul Gem Fragments can be converted into Petty Soul Gems by first standardizing them into a single type of Soul Gem Fragment
  • Empty soul gems can be merged into higher-level soul gems.
  • Grand Soul Gems can be converted into Black Soul Gems if you have Malyn Varen's Grimoire.
  • Soul gems can be filled (or re-filled, in the case of player-filled soul gems) to maximum with Conjuration Research and Conjuration spells. Except Petty Soul Gems, player must have expertise in Conjuration.
  • Pre-filled soul gems can be emptied and the magicka contained used for Enchanting experiments and research. The player must have the Soul Squeezer Perk. Otherwise, gems can be used for research using the Destroy item for Research option.
Publishing Research
  • Accumulated Research Papers can be compiled into a book for "publication" (i.e., sale). Creating this Research Folio through one of the Research stations gives you XP toward that magic skill.
  • Staffs can be disenchanted into Empty Staves through Enchanting Research.
  • Alchemy Research can be used in ALTERATION Research along with the Transmute spell and (sometimes) specific perks to transmute ordinary items into different types of ingots and weapon/armor crafting parts.
.ESP, .BSA, and .BSL files go into the Data directory.

To get the Research item, first find the ID using console command help "[Research]" 4
Use the console to add it to the player: "player.additem <id> 1"
Hotkey the item and equip it that way to access the research menu.

  • For a Lesser Power to cost magicka, the Charge Time must be 0.0 instead of autocalculated. This is the same setting as the Casting Time under Spellmaking in the MGEF for the spell.
  • Magicka costs for Lesser Powers are not affected by the character's skill. Normally, magicka cost decreases to slightly less than 60% normal at 100 skill.

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