Monday, December 8, 2014

Game Review - Nevertales: Shattered Image

Game Review - Nevertales 2: Shattered Image
Score: +4/-6
Summary: Interesting and fantastical story. Surprising plot twists and events keep it interesting.

The structure of the game is essentially identical to the first game in the series, Nevertales: The Beauty Within so Nevertales 2 gets basically the same score of +4/-6. If you are hoping for innovations and improvements, don't look here. All you are getting is a completely different story.

The artwork, particularly for the characters and their animation, continues to disappoint -- depending on what you are expecting. There may be various reasons for this, such as not wanting to have mainstream everyone-is-gorgeous casting. And if they are not aiming for a mostly male demographic, which speculation is supported by the substantial number of male characters and the strong and proactive female lead in the story, and also a male character who isn't entirely passive and who does have heroic roles to play (and which are controlled by you).

Still, there is also support for the explanation that the artwork is basically not very good, such as for the very young daughter (below, left). That said, some supposed deficiencies may seem off, but it is not necessarily so. For example, the daughter looks like she has an oddly shaped body, especially her arms, but overall it is actually not bad, if some mannequin models are to be believed, such as this one from DollsTown (below, right).


Easter Eggs are still to be found, such as the Heroes of Might and Magic V Sylvan Faction dragon shrine, and Han Solo and Princess Leia of Star Wars fame.


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