Wednesday, November 5, 2014

City of Steam v2.8.1 - Transmuter

Here are some tips for using the City of Steam (v2.8.1) Transmuter.
  • You get a lot of Transmuter Orbs but not a lot of Coolant. Save your Coolant till you have maybe 10 or so. Save your Orbs till you have 100+. Then, during a long Vanquish, work on the Transmuter.
    • Do your minimum 5 spins each day to collect Orbs and Coolant from the Transmuter NPC, but keep accumulating. In the later game, you will be Vanquishing the Tower which can take a long time, and the Transmuter is one of the minigames you can play to pass that time while also waiting for a match in the 1v1 Queue.
  • If you start with too many bombs and the pressure is up too much, you will likely not get a good prize so just reset.
  • If you start with no pairs or triplets, you are also likely not to get a good prize so you might also want to reset, unless you are going for the collectible Transmuter Essences, which you can accumulate to get character bonuses.
  • If you aim for the Collectibles, then you should be willing to lock in low value prizes like shillings and metals because they have a higher likelihood of showing up.

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