Monday, November 3, 2014

City of Steam v2.8.1 - Talent Show

For the most part, City of Steam (v2.8.1) is really straightforward, but there are little optimizations you can do to advance and get more "hidden" rewards. One of these is the Talent Show.

The Talent Show can seem very hard to qualify for, but you can almost always get a prize every day. There are two types of ways to get prizes: Ranking and Qualifying.

Rankings are the lists you see when you click on Talent Show. Generally you have to spend a LOT to get high in the rankings, but not always. Qualifying is the easier way: You just have to have a minimum spend to get a prize immediately.

Each day, there are different types of ways to get "Qualified Talent" status. Invariably Mercenary Recruitment Credits will be there. The other will typically alternate, with Myth Board points appearing as well.

Mercenary Recruitment
You need to spend 1 million shillings to get the 5000 points. At lower levels, accumulate this much for Mercenaries before you spend in a day, so that you can at least get the Qualified Talent prize.
At around mid level 30, you will want to spend 1 million a day exactly, and keep some shillings in reserve in case you see a good shillings-purchasable item in the rotating Mystery Market, such as collectible artifact pieces. As well, accumulate around 6 million shillings so that on the same day you spend on mercenaries, you can get at least a low rank on the Rankings for mercenary spend and get a prize there at the end of the day.
How much you need to spend obviously depends on how much other people are spending on the leaderboard. If you are very low on the leaderboard, try to watch the rankings toward server reset to make sure you still qualify.

Myth Board
It takes a crazy amount of shillings to fully reveal one Myth Board. If you are not committed to that, and have trouble deciding how much to reveal, then aiming to Qualify for Myth Board research points is one way.
If the Talent Show does not show Qualified Talent for Myth Boards today, then research whatever you like and then Refresh your boards, but do NOT use the fresh boards yet.
The next day, if the Qualified Talent for Myth Boards shows up, you get to start with a fresh board, plus another set of fresh boards because you have a free Refresh for that day. Typically revealing 5-10 tiles on each of the three boards should be more than enough to get you Qualified Talent. You may want to just do 5 tiles per board and check your score before refreshing to see how many more tiles per board you want to uncover.

Lucky Spin Credit vs. My Lucky Stars event
Whenever you get Lucky Scrolls, hold on to them for this Qualified Talent and use them only when it shows up.
Another thing you may want to do is to hold on to all your scrolls until the My Lucky Stars event (which might happen about once or twice a week) occurs, and then use 9 scrolls to get 10 spins and 100 spin credits. Many people don't do that, so if you can accumulate 18 scrolls you will typically get a low rank in the Rankings for My Lucky Stars.

The reason My Lucky Stars is often a better event is the boxes of Orange Mercenary Synergy Cards. Each box gives you a random card. And each card gives you only Synergy Points -- not the actual mercenary if you do not already have it. But considering that people spend millions of shillings to get even one Orange Mercenary, this is a great deal if you can win it. You will still need quite a bit of luck to get the correct orange mercenary synergy card, though.

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