Monday, October 27, 2014

City of Steam v2.8.1 - Bounty Tips and Exploits

In City of Steam (v2.8.1), your first few bounties once you reach Level 30 may be very hard (or slow-going if you are carefully pulling a few enemies at a time). Here are a few tips:
  • Obviously you want only the bounties that also give you Scrolls -- purple or orange bounties.
    • This can be hard to find, so if you feel pressed for time, Accept a blue bounty (the highest-paying one that does not give a scroll) while waiting for the bounty list to refresh. That way, if you've run out of time for the day and you haven't gotten anything better, you can at least complete the blue bounty.
      • You will generally want to complete your quota of 5 bounties per day just for the Energy Stones, which are pretty tricky to find.
      • You will also want to complete at least 3 bounties per day to get the collectible Bounty Scrolls for Daily Quest completion.
    • Typically if you watch long enough you have a very good chance of seeing a total of five or more One-Scroll or Three-Scroll bounties show up on the board. They are rare but not extremely so.
  • If you are finding it too time-consuming to complete, you may want to bite the bullet and spend 20 Bound Electrum to complete it.
    • I recommend you do this ONLY for bounties that give scrolls, or if you need just one more bounty to complete the Daily Quest, which also gives you collectable Scrolls.
    • You will probably not need to do this once you reach around level 35, but a bounty mission may still take 15 minutes or so to complete.
      • When you hit level 40, enemies in the bounties reset to level 40, so once again bounties will be tedious to complete. Therefore try to have a bit of Bound Electrum handy.
  • EXPLOIT: If you insist on doing the bounty and are finding it hard, Unsummon your Mercenary so it does not move ahead and draw enemies. Then approach cautiously until the nearest enemy reacts and approaches you. Kill that before advancing to pull another one. Try to isolate the boss, resummon your Mercenary, and take it down.
    • Many enemies do not react to your presence immediately, so each time you inch forward, give them a second or two.
  • EXPLOIT: If you run too far from a mob or boss, it may reset its position at full health, giving you breathing space (since it has reset its position and is not pursuing you) and a chance to try again if you pulled too many enemies.
  • EXPLOIT: The best bounty location is the Railyard because bounties count enemies killed, and enemies here spawn more enemies.
    • Each Umbrahusk killed spawns an egg, which if not killed quickly hatches a scorpion. When that is killed, it also spawns an egg which can hatch a larva.
    • If you kill these spawns, you may find the boss, the mob around the boss, and possibly the mob before the boss, will not need to be encountered because the game records enough enemies killed. All enemies will suddenly die and the bounty will be considered a success.
  • You can try a bounty as many times as you like, so don't be afraid to abort to do something else or to use Bound Electrum if you are having a hard time.

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