Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skyrim Mod Review - Druidic Essentials

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Review:
Druidic Essentials (version 1.5)

Score: +3/-2
Summary: Nature-themed gear and magic items, plus player home.
+- Interesting spells such as Tame Animal to get a permanent animal companion. Sadly, most spells either don't appear to work properly (e.g., Roc Dive, Geyser Fission), and some are overpowered (e.g., Alchemic Trap, which paralyzed a dragon on the ground for maybe 20 seconds).
+- Same with the starter gear you are given: Interesting, but when they work, they are sometimes overpowered -- such as high regeneration rates when standing still, and a fear aura with no clear level cap. You just walk into your free player house and pick them up.
+ Small but functional player home. Nothing much to look at, but there are mannequins, storage, and crafting stations, all fairly close because it's a small dwelling.

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