Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Skyrim Mod Review - Brhuce Hammar

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Review:
Brhuce Hammar - Legacy

Score: +6
Summary: Non-lore-friendly fun.

From the mod description:
WARNING AND DISCLAIMER(?): This mod contains harsh language and jokes! Brhuce is not a nice dunmer, and will take every opportunity to belittle you, everything around you, and everything else. If you are the kind of person who is easily offended, or a wuss, do not download this mod, or if you do, do not complain to us if your feelings are hurt afterwards. You have been warned!
Seriously, don't be put off by this. Although Brhuce Hammar is insulting, it's closer to a "friendly jibes and insults" sort of style. The dialogue tries to be funny, and generally not at the Dragonborn's expense but in their observations. As opposed to mods that are deliberately and vulgarly offensive, such as an early version of New Vegas Enhanced Content, where there is a good chance you'll be called a "stupid fuck". No joke.

It is also worth noting that Brhuce Hammar is quite a powerful character (although because of game engine AI limitations, not a very efficiently powerful one), so you might want to dive into the mod, play it though, then uninstall it (or just leave Brhuce behind somewhere and continue on). The two console commands to help you are:
  • player.coc BlackreachZCell07 to take you to Brhuce Hammar's starting location
  • set 1__tw_fightNumber to 1 so that after each fight, you will receive a new quest from Brhuce (unless you are already on one of his quests).
You normally need to get to Blackreach to recruit Brhuce, and since that is just over mid-way in the main quest, it probably won't matter how powerful he is by that point.
+ Pretty decent voiceovers, although they don't always match the subtitles.
+ Interesting things to do such as fighting off alien invasions and "piloting" giant robots. You don't actually get to pilot a giant robot, though. It's more like a watered down arcade game where you choose to activate certain powers, but everything else is automatic.
+ Interesting places to see, such as the inside of a space station and odd landscapes.
+ Interesting follower who sometimes says insightful things.
+ Somewhat challenging combat and puzzles involved in the quests. Typically non-level-dependent. And if you can't get through a fight, there's always Brhuce to help you.
+ Interesting rewards, including a very useful epic conjuration.

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