Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Skyrim Mod Review - Aethernautics

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Review:
Aethernautics - A Space Travel Mod

Score: +2/-2
Summary: Quick dungeon crawl.

Aethernautics tries very hard to be lore-friendly-ish, including confounding dwemer-ish like texts. For those who are averse to sci-fi in their Elder Scrolls, then this provides a comforting transition. Even without, however, there isn't really any space travel involved. In the end, this mod is just a dungeon crawl.
+ Interesting things to see. Most of it is just another dwemer ruin, but there are some nice vistas and visually interesting locations.
+ Interesting story. In Elder Scrolls style, you are put through a basically linear dungeon crawl, and compelled to go deeper by the story that unfolds through snippets of texts you find here and there.
- Laughably easy combat. The new centurions are dangerous, but due to dungeon layout and pathfinding issues, they frequently get stuck, meaning you can take your time taking them down quite safely from a distance. In return you get some awfully powerful "crossbows" and a ton of loot.
- Sounds better in ad copy. Where's the space travel? Also, your orbital bombardment is basically rubbish. You might get a couple of hits on a very large creature (e.g., a dragon), though, if it stands still long enough.
EDIT (2014-July-3): Turns out there is space travel involved. All those non-functional levers and buttons on the bridge were apparently not meant as a hint that there isn't any more you can do with the ship once you've launched it and fixed the guns. EDIT (2014-Sept-24): The two locations appear to be basically eye-candy, however. One has a merchant to buy more gear specific to this mod. I didn't feel like wasting more time checking to see if there were more to it.

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