Friday, July 11, 2014

Skyrim Mod - GQ Portable Crafting

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod:
GQ Portable Crafting
requires Dawnguard DLC, Hearthfires DLC, Dragonborn DLC
download version: 2014-Nov-27

Equip an item to bring up a menu that accesses various types of crafting stations:

[Raw] Materials - Smelter, Tanning Rack
[Forge] - Skyforge, Dawnguard Forge
[Temp]er Armor - Armor Workbench
[Sharp]en Weapon - Grindstone
[Cook]ing, Baking, and Grain Mill
[Staff] Enchanter

  • [S]ell VendorItemFood, VendorItemFoodRaw, and VendorItemOreIngot items at Base Price. This parallels selling harvested crops to farmers.
  • [W]ipe Enchantments and Improvements on other items. This also removes a Stolen flag and completely recharges weapons.

.ESP, .BSA, and .BSL files go into the Data directory. The scripts folder is for reference only and is not necessary.

To get the Portable Crafting item, first find the ID using console command
help "[Portable" 4
The add the item to inventory with
player.additem <id> 1
There are two types: A "normal" one, and one called "[Portable Crafting with XP]", which gives Smithing XP for the Smelter and Tanning Rack; and Alchemy XP for the Grain Mill, for Cooking, and for Baking.

Installing over previous versions:
Remove all items from storage and save your game.
Uninstall the mod (delete the mod files), start Skyrim, and save your game again.
Install the new version.

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