Thursday, June 19, 2014

Skyrim Mod - GQ Minor Tweaks

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod:
GQ Minor Tweaks
Download version: 2014-Nov-30

Collection of minor tweaks. Install only the .ESP you want:

GQ Guardian Stone XP bonus changed to Stat bonus
version: 2014-July-4

  • Mage Stone: +20% Mage Skill Experience -> +50 Magicka
  • Thief Stone: +20% Stealth Skill Experience -> +50 Stamina, +25 Carry Weight
  • Warrior Stone: +20% Combat Skill Experience -> +50 Health
  • Lover Stone: +15% all Skill Experience -> +30 Magicka, +30 Health, +30 Stamina, +15 Carry Weight

GQ Illusion Spells Hit Instantly
version: 2014-June-19

The following projectiles are used by Calm, Fury, etc...:
  • Illusion01Projectile
  • IllusionNeg01Projectile
They have been changed as follows:
  • Speed x100 (2000 to 200,000) so that they hit virtually instantaneously.
  • Impact force 0.5 -> 0.0
  • "Pass Through Small Transparent" is enabled
The spells themselves could have targeting changed to Target Actor, but every MGEF (Magic Effect) used in a SPEL (spell) would have to be changed, which drastically reduces compatibility with other mods.
A spell in Skyrim is composed of at least 1 Magic Effect. Some, like the Illusion spells that affect Aggression (Calm, Fury, Frenzy, etc...) have several effects. All effects must use the same targeting style for the spell to properly work.

This mod is designed to help increase the utility of Illusions. The aggression altering spells are already weak enough with the harsh level caps that you really don't need to add missing at range to your already high likelihood of wasting Magicka on a target too strong to be affected.

GQ No Health Regeneration
version: 2014-June-19

The file just contains an ability that gives 100% Damage Health Regeneration -- that is, it gives you a -100% Health Regeneration modifier. Without other adjustments, your character has a basic 0% Regeneration Rate modifier -- that is, the character will not regenerate at all, in or out of combat.
This was done instead of tweaking regeneration percentage-per-second settings because doing so also neutralizes magical effects that give you a regeneration bonus.

The ability is called "Curse of Mortality". Use the console command help "Curse of Mortality" 4 to find the ID, then add it to the player with player.addspell <id>.

IMPORTANT: Before uninstalling this mod, use player.removespell <id> to remove it, or the change will be recorded in the player stats even after the mod is uninstalled, and a console command will be required to repair it.

GQ No Mining Pick or Woodcutter Axe Required
version: 2014-June-19

When a character tries to mine ore or chop firewood, the game script checks the character's inventory for items in a list of acceptable tools. This mod adds "Unarmed" (the invisible weapon equipped when the character is bare-fisted) and "Gold" to the list. As long as the character has 1 gold piece, they can mine or chop wood. If not, they should still be able to do so, unless a mod has somehow overridden bare handed combat.

Very few mods change the FormLists affected. Just keep moving the mod down the load order until it works.

gq Rested Effects Changed to Regeneration Bonuses
version: 2014-June-20

Instead of bonuses to skill gain, Rested, Well-Rested, and Lover's Comfort changed to bonuses to Health, Magicka, and Stamina of +10, +20, or +30 respectively.

gq Hearthfire Recipes
version: 2014-Nov-29

  • At a Drafting Table, convert Sawn Logs into 5 Firewood each.
  • At a Smelter, convert Steel Ingots into Iron Ingots, or make Steel Ingots from Iron Ingots with 3 Charcoal. This former will allow players to make Hearthfire building items from steel.

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