Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Skyrim Mod - gq Item Utilities

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod:
GQ Item Utilities
Requires SKSE - http://skse.silverlock.org/
Download version: 2014-July-5

Equip an armor item to bring up a menu with the following choices:

Toggle Amulet, Toggle Circlet, Toggle Ring - When a wearable item is put into the container, the named item slot flag is toggled. A ring put into the container for the first time would have its ring slot toggled off and can therefore be worn with other rings.
Theoretically unlimited numbers of items with no item slots can be worn at the same time. Note that wearing two (or more) items of the same type and with the same enchantment is possible but bugged: One item will not be shown as equipped in inventory, and the enchantments may show incorrectly in the Active Effects menu.

Wipe Changes - An item is returned to the player in base form. Any improvements from Smithing or Enchanting are removed as the item is recreated. This also means that "Stolen" flags are removed and charges reset to maximum.

A Charm is a wearable item with no equipment slots and therefore can be worn with all other equipment. It will accept enchantments as indicated by its name. This item is meant for enchantments that are tedious to swap in and out, such as Fortify crafting skill enchantments.
They have no value and no weight. To get rid of any excess items, just sell them to a merchant.
Because of the bug mentioned above, try to use a different item. All 10 items are the same, but because they have a different Base ID, they should show as being equipped properly in Inventory.

To get the activating item in-game,
1. Use console command help "[WEAR" 4 to find the base ID
2. Use console command player.additem <ID> 1 to add the item to inventory.

When updating to a newer version, delete (sell) all items from this mod and recreate them after the new version is installed. This will force scripts to refresh to any new versions.
The scripts directory and .TXT file are for reference only and need not be installed. The other files all go into the Data folder.

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