Thursday, May 29, 2014

Skyrim Mod Review - Qaxes Winterhold Rebuild

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Review:
Qaxes Winterhold Rebuild v2

The mod author added the disclaimer "DISCLAIMER: This mod may not jibe with your ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy", but nevertheless this mod was hugely disappointing. So, take the disclaimer seriously.

There are three main parts: Rebuilding Winterhold, the additions to Winterhold after the rebuilding, and the optional Home that can be purchased.

Winterhold is rebuilt in stages, but you do NOT get to participate in this. Instead, you are sent on meaningless FedEx type "go fetch" quests. Each time you complete one, the rebuilding advances to the next stage. There is a lame attempt to tie in the quests to the rebuilding, but it is basically cosmetic. The lack of a hands-on approach, combined with the boring quests, make this part very disappointing. Even the radiant go-here-kill-that "quests" in vanilla Skyrim are more interesting because each location you are sent to (assuming you've never been there) is interesting.
If the author had just rebuilt Winterhold from the start, that would have saved me time from playing through their boring quests.

The additions to Winterhold are over-the-top. The expanded store lists are nice, but the rest feels overdone/outlandish, from the amount of money stores have to the actual store layout and contents. We're not talking guns and spaceships, but the stores feel too richly stocked for such an unpopular/low-traffic location in Skyrim. Plus there's a female dremora follower / storekeeper -- WTF?
If I wanted a cheat mod for buying and selling, I can get one and still leave the rest of Skyrim uninterrupted by something so jarringly out of place. I would have preferred a better blending in with the rest of Skyrim. Huge stores of magic goods would have been better at the College and especially considering how the locals don't like magic to begin with. Overall, the contents of the new stores was very out of place.

The home is actually quite good, but hampered by the available space so that it feels quite claustrophobic on the inside. Also, the follower in the house needs more introduction because you just bought what you thought would be an empty house and there's someone poking around in your basement? WTH?

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