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Mass Effect 1 - Classes - Sentinel (on Insane Difficulty) and Kaidan

Mass Effect 1: Classes - Sentinel (on Insanity Difficulty) and Kaidan

In this article, we discuss Sentinel builds for Insane Difficulty.

The Sentinel talents are:
  • Throw → Lift
  • Barrier → Stasis
  • Decryption → Electronics
  • First Aid → Medicine
Recommended Builds:
  • Shepard (90/102 points)
    • Throw 12, Lift 12
    • Barrier 12, Stasis 1
    • Decryption 9, Electronics 9
    • Sentinel 6, Bastion 6
    • Spectre 11
    • Bonus Talent: Sniping Rifle 12
  • Kaidan (79/82 points)
    • Throw 12, Lift 12
    • Barrier 12
    • Decryption 9, Electronics 9
    • First Aid 5, Medicine 12
    • Sentinel 6
The Sentinel is probably the easiest career to play as it has the core and most directly useful powers: Lift and Decryption. It even has a bit of weapon skill overloaded into the Sentinel Talent, culminating in the Marksman power (but not for Kaidan). Electronics combined with Barrier give the Sentinel very strong shields. For getting out of hand-to-hand combat, you have the choice of Throw, Lift, and Stasis.
We have de-emphasized Stasis because in the late game, it won't last very long. But even in the mid-game, you can get good time with it, either to reposition or to shoot someone to death while they are held in stasis (assuming the Bastion specialization).

Biotics are so strong and useful in the game that the Medic specialization is not favoured. Considering the number of times you might want to use medi-gel (probably never, even on Insanity difficulty, if you manage combat properly), the Medic specialization is also pretty much a waste of Talent points. The build does have points left over, however, so an option is to aim for just the basic level of Neural Shock as yet another way to slow enemies down. The description is that it "knocks out" an enemy for 1 second, but in practice you have several seconds because they still need to get up off the ground.

There is no point specializing Kaidan in Stasis because he cannot get the Bastion specialization. Therefore, Kaidan has a lot of points left over to get the Master level of Neural Shock. There's lots of waste here because you will rarely use medi-gel, but he's got nothing else to use his Talent points on. Just remember Kaidan for the times you may want someone with First Aid on your team -- i.e., When fighting lots of creatures that ignore shields, such as Thorian Creepers or Rachni.

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