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Mass Effect 1 - Classes - Adept (on Insane Difficulty) and Liara

Mass Effect 1: Classes - Adept (on Insanity Difficulty) and Liara

In this article, we discuss Adept builds for Insane Difficulty.

The Adept talents are:
  • Basic Armor → Pistols
  • Throw → Lift
  • Warp → Singularity
  • Barrier → Stasis
Recommended Builds:
  • Shepard (88/102 points)
    • Throw 12, Lift 12
    • Warp 12, Singularity 12
    • Barrier 4, Stasis 1
    • Adept 6, Bastion or Nemesis 6
    • Spectre 11
    • Bonus Talent: Sniper Rifles 12
  • Liara - Asari Scientist (82/82 points)
    • Throw 12, Lift 12
    • Warp 12, Singularity 12
    • Barrier 12
    • First Aid 4, Electronics 12
    • Asari Scientist 6
With several biotic powers, the Adept should find controlling melee fairly easily. Engaging enemies in melee is not recommended, but you can at least control the battlefield and keep enemies neutralized. This is what an Adept is best for: Controlling the battlefield. If the enemy can be kept from taking actions through chaining the use of Throw, Lift, Singularity, and Stasis (with the Bastion specialization), fights are basically won. For this reason, try to have either Kaiden or Liara in your party and keep them in the back for support instead of exposing them to fire.

I feel that the Bastion specialization is better than Nemesis because it makes Stasis another enemy-neutralizing ability. Without the specialization, Stasis of course also neutralizes an enemy, but you cannot harm them. With the Bastion specialization, you can get it cheaply to add another power, along with Throw and Lift, that can help you manage melee crises.
That said, if you are going to play a Bastion, however, I recommend instead playing a Sentinel. In exchange for Warp and Singularity, you get Decryption and Electronics, both of which have generally more straightforward application and are easier to use. Plus, you would get an omni-tool, which gives shield bonuses.
If you do want the Bastion specialization, then early on consider whether you want to focus on Stasis or leave it at 1 rank, and focus instead on Basic Armor and Barrier.

The Nemesis specialization has applications which are perhaps too specialized. Duration bonuses are small because base duration is already quite small. Expanded area on Lift is interesting, but the opportunities to find it applicable are probably too few.

Liara does not have the Bastion specialization, so there's no point taking Stasis unless you really need more emergency crowd control. Keep her in the back for support. You will probably use her for Throw and Lift, both of which Kaiden also has, so she's interchangeable with him.

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