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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Walkthrough - part 8 - Old Town to finale

This post has general tips and tricks for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing played on the PC at Heroic Difficulty. For a list of all our Van Helsing posts, click here.

Part 8 - Old Town to finale
(Hunter, Heroic Difficulty)
We previously discussed the Dreadworks where Van Helsing initially arrives in Borgova, and the eastern part of Borgova, ending in the defense of the Secret lair. This post discusses the western part of Borgova to the end of the game.
If you have done many sidequests to date, level 30 (the level cap) by the time you get to the Roof is probable. At that point, you can start gambling on enchantments for gear since at the level cap, you won't have to re-enchant later for stronger enchantments.

Old Town
  • Stitchfiends
    • Keep moving. If you are shooting, be careful of the cursor/state not changing as quickly as you like. You have to move the mouse quite far before it will change from the shooting icon to a move-to pointer.
    • At the start of the Old Town, there is a large mob of Stitchfiends. Because of the tight space, if you can't reposition without pulling other mobs, just run for the entrance which takes you back to the lair. Wait to heal, then return to Old Town.
    • Northeast of the Borislav statue there is a large building with two clumps of Stitchfiends on each patio, including dangerous Stitchfiend Marksman Veterans. Get their attention then go around the corner at the narrow pass to the patio. When they clump at the corner, freeze them with Lightning/Thunderstruck, and hit the whole clump with area effects. Even if you don't hit the Marksmen with Lightning, the regular Stitchfiends in front should keep the Marksmen behind and not in line of sight to shoot at you.
  • DreadKnect Snipers
    • Very dangerous, but low defenses. High HP but quickly taken down because of low defenses. Try to get them to close by going around a corner, then hit them. Otherwise they usually have faster supporting units in front as meat shields.
Lost and Found
The three Ink gate choices determine the enemies encountered and the treasures gained.
  • lights = wisps and essences
  • great ones = bosses and trophies
  • lost and found = vilas and jewelry and guaranteed (?) set or epic jewelry pieces
Borislav Statue Ink
After opening all chests, click on the statue to get a Trophy.

Secret Laboratory
  • Be nice to the sewer worker to get to some chests in an otherwise inaccessible area.
  • If in trouble with the fight at the scientist, go for the elevator.
The Gables
  • At the raised bridge, if you pull the StitchFiends from the other roof (e.g., with Lightning and the upgrade to 25 meters), they CAN cross over even if the bridge is not lowered.
  • Gargoyle Champions
    • On Heroic, there is very little choice here in how to handle them since they can trap Van Helsing in a bone hand quite frequently and divebomb him.
    • Use level 10 Ethereal Embodiment and leave Katarina on Ghost Mode for another 10%. Instances of Ethereal Embodiment can overlap in duration, but save that for the times when even with 80% damage reduction, the Gargoyles reduce Van Helsing's health to dangerously low levels. Multiple instances of Ethereal Embodiment can be active at the same time, resulting in temporary damage immunity.
    • If you want to try it without Ethereal Embodiment, get a good ranged weapon and Health Drain. Whenever you are trapped, make sure to hit something to keep your health up. If you are trying to melee, there may not be enemies in range for you do hit.
  • You encounter less enemies if you destroy the Lightning collectors.
Rooftop Mayhem
Nothing too special here except initial mobs are large and quite dangerous.

Palace of Machines
The finale. Surprisingly easy once you understand the behaviour of the enemies here.
  • None of them attack Katarina until only Fulmigati is left. Put her on Ranged.
  • Run in a wide circle, leading enemies. It helps a lot if you have gear that increases your movement speed because you can run ahead of them and get some breathing room.
  • Hit the lairs and towers that give Fulmigati his powers. When the wolves (which are fastest) catch up, start moving or getting ready to move.
  • Fulmigati is slower, so he catches up by leaping onto you. Whenever the landing-zone ring appears, run far ahead, as he has a rush attack if you haven't destroyed the tower that gives him that power.
  • Once all the lairs are destroyed, you can attack the wolves and copters. Otherwise they respawn.
  • Once only Fulmigati is left, you can run far away to get some breathing room, but it is generally not necessary -- just run rings around him, forcing him to turn.
Any time you exit the game, when you Resume, you have to start the fight all over again, meaning you can farm this area by switching to Scenario Mode in between restarts.

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