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Borderlands 2 Cheats

You can use a savegame editor to do various cheats for Borderlands 2 and accelerate your game. With the savegame editor, you need to exit Borderlands 2 before saving changes for any changes you make to be recorded in the .sav file.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode
Normally, to play Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode you need to play through the game at Normal, then again at True Vault Hunter Mode. However, with the savegame editor listed above, you can skip directly to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Make a new character. For convenience, follow Claptrap until you get to the Teleporter. Otherwise, when you reload the game, you will be forced to sit through the crawling-in-the-snow intro.
  • Quit Borderlands 2.
  • Load the savegame in the game editor and go to the "Raw" tab. Change "last playthrough number" to 2 and "playthroughs completed" to 2. This makes the game think you have finished Normal Mode and True Vault Hunter mode.
  • Start up Borderlands 2.
  • Even if you only have 1 character, use "Select Character" to select the character you edited. This should result in a dialogue box asking you which game to load. First, Load the True Vault Hunter mode.
    • If you load the Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, you will get some sort of garbled message. It appears the game works just fine, but I recommend playing it safe here.
  • Save the game and exit back to the menu.
  • Use Select Character again and now choose Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
You will probably want to save the game and exit at this point so that you can go back to the game editor. There, you can set your character's level to 50 (and Sync the XP as well), as well as level up any gear you have.
When you go back in the game, you may also want to save-and-reload a few times to repeatedly loot Claptrap's place until you get a shield and some weapons or grenades. At Liar's Berg there is a level 52 badass bullymong who will probably wipe you out no matter what you have, though.

To get some purple gear to start, you could also make a new character and level them up to 50. Then use the savegame editor to place them in Sanctuary. There, you can repeatedly open the special chest with the Golden Key (see how to do this below). That chest always gives purple gear, but of a random type.

Badass Ranks
If you want to skip doing annoying challenges such as finding Cult of the Vault symbols and instead just give yourself a bunch of Badass Ranks, you can do so quickly using the savegame editor.
A character's progress toward Baddass challenges is recorded in the .sav file. The total badass ranks accumulated so far is recorded in the profile.bin file. To get lots of badass ranks quickly, you can therefore make a dummy character designed to accumulate badass ranks.
  • Make a copy of your profile.bin file in case you want to undo the results of your gross amount of cheating.
  • Make a new character and save them once you reach the first teleporter at Claptrap's place.
  • Use the game editor to give that character $3,000,000. This should be enough to get them rank 5 for the money-accumulated challenge.
  • Make a copy of the new character's .sav file. You will need to re-use that.
  • Start Borderlands 2 and have the character pick up some money (e.g., from a locker). The game should calculate that you have over $3 million and award you a series of completed challenges and Badass Ranks.
  • Exit Borderlands 2.
  • Use the copy of the new character to overwrite the existing copy.
  • Start Borderlands 2 and again have the character pick up money. The game should again award you Badass Ranks. Repeat as many times as you like.
Reusing Golden Keys
A Golden Key opens the special chest in Sanctuary, and gives you purple items levelled to your character's current level. If you want to cheat and get lots of purples, or if you just want to keep retrying until you get something useful, you can use this cheat.
  • The data on whether you have opened the chest is stored in the character's .save file and the profile.bin file.
  • Make copies of those files before opening the chest in Sanctuary.
  • Save the game and quit Borderlands 2.
  • Use the game editor to copy the code for the items you received. You can later paste that data into any other character, and thereby get that item.
  • Use your backup files to restore your game state. You should now be able to go back to Sanctuary and re-open the chest.
God Mode
Use the editor to change your level and your shield level to something grotestquely overpowered. For example, if you are in Normal Mode playthrough, change the level to 50. You will get practically no XP for kills, however. Do not Sync your XP to the level. Instead, when you are ready to turn off this hack for god mode, Sync the level to the XP to restore your level.

Extra Skill Points
The game calculates how many skill points to give you based on your level. However, if you spend points and then reduce your level, it will not take points away. And when you go to Respec your character, your point total will not be recalculated based on level, but based on how many points you have spent.
For example, a level 10 character has 6 skill points.
To give them an extra 5 points, use the game editor to set the level to 15. Then assign all points in-game. Load up the game editor again and reduce your level back to 10.

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