Tuesday, July 9, 2013

GQ Torchlight Tweaks

GQ Torchlight Tweaks for Torchlight
Download: version 2013-June

This download contains four separate mods that can be used together. Choose the mod(s) to use and unzip the folder into the mods directory (at C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\).

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Enchantment Tweaks
  • Most items will spawn with two sockets. For unclear reasons, items from quest givers and some merchants will spawn with only 1 socket.
  • Enchanters always give two sockets as the first enchantment, unless the item already has two sockets.
  • The first 25 Enchantments from an Enchanter always succeed. The 26th attempt always wipes enchantments from the item.
  • Enchantment Shrines never give sockets and always give successful enchantments.
  • Merchant respawn times changed from 30 to 1, so that when you re-enter a map, the merchant always resets their inventory.
Medea Drops Full Set
  • The boss Medea drops all three of her unique items instead of one random item.
Potions and Scrolls
  • Health and Mana Potions stacking to 1000. Each potion costs 3x as much as the previous tier, so that when you Transmute to a higher potion class you don't lose resale value. Item levels set to 1 for all potions so that costs are correctly multiplied, but they should still spawn at the proper dungeon levels.
  • Identify and Town Portal scrolls are non-stacking and unlimited use. Icon changed.
Unique Item Swap
  • So that you always get a useful item when a Unique Item drops, this mod allows you to transmute a Unique Item to receive another random Unique Item (or Set Item).
  • Does not work if you put in a Set Item to begin with but it will transmute a set item produced by transmutation if you don't remove it from the Transmutation interface.
  • The final item can be of any level.

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