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Titan Quest Itemus Map v1.4

Itemus - Garden of the Sets sample

Titan Quest Itemus Map
(Direct Download Link coming soon)
Itemus is a custom map that lets you quickly browse the best gear in the game. All Set and Unique items are somewhere to be found on the map.
Because of the vast number of items on the map, you may want to turn off the sound in-game to reduce the amount of processing your computer will have to do to load the fields of items. Even so, you may still find the game freezing up briefly while your hard drive frantically works to collect and prepare data. In fact, you may occasionally see something like this, which just means your character has run into an area before it has fully loaded and drawn on-screen:

Itemus - Area Not Fully Loaded_small

Custom quest: ITEMUS v1.4
by Kreeloo and SuePitt


- Download Itemus_v1.4__EN.rar and :
- Now, create the folder named "CustomMaps" in "My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\”
- Unpack the mod inside that folder - the structure must be like this :

|-My Documents
....|-My Games
........|-Titan Quest - Immortal Throne
................|-Itemus map_fullres.jpg


ITEMUS is a custom items map where you can find:

- all the unique items of classic Titan Quest and Immortal Throne.
This includes the bonus sets (like "Santa's garb") and the commercial sets.
- the rare weapons as found in the editor (no random stats)
- all the relics and charms ready to be combined.
- all the scrolls, parchments and formulaes
- all the artifacts (for reference only as they have no random bonuses)
- inventory bags and dyes
- 3 merchants, a mystic and an enchanter are included for your convenience
- targets or dummies to test your equipment
- some monsters to test some more...
- a PvP arena to test even more !
IMPORTANT : Worldmap refresh : The Itemus portals display will temporarily override the vanilla TQ portals display - that is not a bug. Just restart your game and your main quest portals will be restored.


The only purpose of this map is to stop farming forever. When we'd got our fifth same item of an attractive
set, we had two solutions : farm through the bosses and levels or find a way to exchange our stuff offline.

As we use an external muling software (TQVAULT), we'd decided to create a reference level to exchange
our similar dropped items and complete our collection (making huge mountains of powerful items is a
great hobby...)

So use this map wisely to recycle your items with new ones of the same level or another piece of your
uncomplete set (if you've got six "Yangs" or "Obsidan Crescents" for example)

3] - HOW TO ?

1) import your main quest character to the CUSTOM QUEST
2) launch our level (Itemus 1.4 ~
3) drop the item you want to exchange and grab a new one.
4) exit the map and the game
5) use "SoulSeekkor's TQ Defiler" to convert your custom quest character to a main quest character (Menu > Character > Copy to Main Quest)
6) use TQVault to drop the item from the new main quest character to your real main quest character inventory
7) That's it ! Your character has a new item !

4] - IS IT A CHEAT ?

It's up to you. For us (Kreeloo & SuePitt), it's not. We had and will have a lot of fun while playing Titan Quest.
It's a great game although it demands a lot of farming time (less than Diablo 2 in fact !).
Save some useful time and use this map at your own risk !


We need to thanks all the teams of IRONLORE and THQ for such an addictive game. And particularly all the members of IRONLORE for their so meticulous work on this game.
Sometimes the editor tool had been a really annoying creature in our hands. Especially with these capricious portals...
In spite of that it was an exciting experience to create our first map. We've tried to produce an appealing and
detailed map with the harmonious atmospheres that make one of the delight of TQ.
We hope you'll enjoy our work !!!
SuePitt and me (Kreeloo) are french and you can send us some feedback to : kreeloo for any question or
anything else (in english or french). Thanks !


- v1.1 : missing formulaes have been added in the formulaes room.
- v1.2 : some duplicated items have been corrected and some missing items have been added. Great thanks to 'Seeya' from TQIT Vault (IGN).
- v1.3 : Utehmon (the Promethean Order guard) dialog display fixed. The misplaced wall has been deleted. You can now gather a few informations from some characters.
- v1.4 : addition of a PvP arena. Addition of 5 navigation portals ( N.B : you must activate them by exploring the map). Now the inventory bags look like... inventory bags ;-).


At the "Damp cave" entrance (near the Garden of the Sets) :
* sometimes the player character jumps over the entrance while passing through it - the cave is still accessible.
* after rebuilding the map the entrance produces a graphical bug (may be a portal issue)

As we've used many atmospheres and tilesets (egypt, greece, elysium, minoan maze/palace, etc) the need of memory is a bit higher than usual. We have produced, tested and played our map on:

1GHz - 512Mo RAM - ATI 9500
1,5GHz - 512Mo RAM - ATI X600 mobility
2,2GHz Core 2 Duo - 2Go RAM - ATI HD4850 - TFT 24" (1920x1200) (Far much funnier !)
And it works quite well!
Have fun !


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    1. You have to download and run the mod. The items are all over the map to be simply picked up.