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GQ Skills ver: 2009-June-6

Download GQ Skills for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.
ver: 2009-June-6 (Priority User +0)

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June 6th/2009
  • Corrected some duplicated Active Skill prerequisite lines.
  • Restored Gravity Stone to original stats -- otherwise might end up almost as good as Invulnerability, while being easier to get.
  • Changed Intelligence requirements back to skill requirements -- the game engine didn't recognize them.
  • Doubled Overbear bonuses - When using a two-handed weapon, you cannot use an off-hand item, and therefore lose all potential enchantments from that.
  • This mod changes how skills can be assigned. Before you activate this mod, visit a skill re-trainer to unassign your skill points first.
  • Skill Progression Changes
    • Passive Skills
      • Compacted skills and extended progression
        • original level 20 value now level 10
        • maximum skill level that can be purchased is now 10 (instead of 20)
      • Linearized all progressions
        • levels 1-10 linear at full rate - 10 is the new maximum amount characters are expected to buy, although they can buy as many as 20
        • levels 11-15 linear at 1/2 rate
        • levels 16-20 linear at 1/5 rate
        • levels 21-25 linear at 1/10 rate
        • levels 26-30 linear at 1/20 rate
    • Active Skills
      • Requirements halved, but added a uber-level requirement is now added
      • Uber level requirement = total skill points originally required x1, x1.5, and x2 for levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively
      • E.g., Brutal Attack 3 was Critical Strike 8; now it is Critical Strike 4 and Uber 16.
  • Skill Descriptions -- Changed some skill names, and some skill descriptions for more clarity as to what they do.
  • Skill Changes
    • Provoke
      • This defensive-only skill is designed to get the user in trouble. Bonuses have been greatly improved.
      • Improvements:
        • Changed +Armor% to Physical Damage Resistance %
        • Added equal % chance to Blocking % chance
    • Rebuke
      • Now it does not knock the target back.
      • To make up for the fact that a knocked back target had to move to re-engage, the stun duration has been extended very slightly.
    • Summon-related passive skills -- Now all skills available to both Nature Mages and Combat Mages. The engine does not seem to recognize an "OR", so used a combination of uber level and intelligence (requirement is 10 + level x 3).
    • Magic Skills that affect both Nature and Combat magic -- Like Summon skills, now available to both types of Mages. Active Powers are restricted by class.
    • Brilliance
      • No longer a prerequisite for Energy Orb. Combat Mages are advised to take Natural Bond instead, which is now made available by Intelligence.
      • Made available for all classes.
    • Quickened Casting -- Made available for all classes.
    • Eruption -- Activation delay reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
    • Rune of Blood -- Activation delay reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
    • Summon Provoke - Increased provoke radius and duration.
  • TO DO
    • Extend duration of assassin marks
    • Reduce size of assassin marks above target's head, or change them to floating skulls.

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