Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GQ Shops 0.5b

Download GQ Shops for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.
v0.5b (Priority User +0)
This mod is not compatible with GQ Gear, which also changes store inventories.

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  • This mod changes the mix of items sold in stores. Note the the information below is approximate, as the engine seems to want to add certain items no matter what:
    • Note that Rares are not generated. In tests, Rares can be generated, but when picked up from the store, they lose the additional 2 modifiers from being rare and revert to a basic two-modifier non-rare version. Not sure why yet. This side-effect may be the reason that stores script specific rare items to be available.
  • General Notes:
    • Store does not check for fullness when items are added or taken away. This saves processing time when the store has many items.
    • Level limits taken off; all difficulty levels use the same code
    • Some basic items always available, no matter what the difficulty level
    • Store item mix is now: 20 Enchantable or Non-Enchanted, 5 one modifier, 5 two modifiers
    • Store expiry/refresh time is 5 minutes (from 15)
  • Magic Stores
    • Sell all spells all the time, all potions all the time.
    • Also always has 10 Enchantable or Non-Enchanted Spellbooks, Amulets, and Rings of levels 10-20. This is meant to generate low-level enchantables.
  • Reagent Stores
    • If a store exclusively sold reagents, they now sell all reagents all the time
    • Now also carry 1 Set item and 1 Unique item with no level restriction (i.e., level 0-100)

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