Sunday, June 21, 2009

GQ Sanctuary Doors 0.1b

Download GQ Sanctuary Doors for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.
v0.1b (Priority User +0)

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This mod changes all Sanctuary Door (and class-attack-required objects) requirements to level 0. It is meant for solo play and/or multi-class play.


  1. Please fix link, it leads to GQ potions mod. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for letting me know Shodan! It's fixed now.


  3. No problem and thanks. I just started to play this game, and was searching for some better balance mods. You did nice job.

    Right now, I just cant find mod that allows transfer items between characters (something like Carvans in Diablo or Titan Quest Immortal Throne). Maybe there is something like that?

    How do I install GQArenaTreasure mod? I know I have to put GQ Arena Treasure.ds2res to resources but what about GQ Arena Treasure folder?

    Thanks and regards!

  4. Hi Shodan,

    I can't think of an item-transfer mod either, I'm afraid. Not like what you've described.
    Part of the reason I made GQ Gear was to let players more or less duplicate any random magic item they can find by using reagents. That's the closest thing I've got, I guess.

    As for the folder - ignore the folders. They are just a convenient way to package the .ds2res file and documentation together for someone who downloads.
    Just use the .ds2res file and put it where it's supposed to. Any .txt files are for your reference only.

    Thanks for using my mod! I hope it makes the game more enjoyable for you.