Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GQ Potions 0.3b

Download GQ Potions for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.
v0.3b (Priority User +0)

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  • This mod expands potion stacking.
    • Potions are still generated in-game (in stores, loot drops, etc...) with their correct initial restoration amount and gold value based on that amount
      • Possibly due to a rounding function, value might be slightly off.
    • Maximum capacity is increased 1000 times.
    • Value in gp is also increased 1000 times in the .gas file because it is based on a full potion.
  • Changed restore duration to x1000, so that the original restore rates apply
  • Still need to implement, but might be hardcoded:
    • Because potions now all start almost empty, changed the inventory picture to show partially full even when nearly empty

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