Monday, June 1, 2009

GQ DSLOA Sets 0.6b

Download GQ Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna Sets for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.
v0.6b (Priority User +0)

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  • Corrected Deadly Cleave axe inventory size to 3x2 from 3x1
  • Adds Dungeon Siege and Legends of Aranna sets to DS2BW:
    • DS2 does not use tiered bonuses tied to each item, but rather tiered bonuses for the set as a whole.
    • In the conversion, bonuses for all items at each tier form the bonus for the tier. E.g., Arhok's Lot bonus for having any one item is +1 Armour, +5 Health, +1% Block Melee Attack, +1 Life per Hit
    • DS2 does not allow equipping both a melee and ranged weapon simultaneously, so some substitutions were made
  • Item level
    • DS uses a different scheme for equipment stats and requirements to equip. Instead of trying to back-convert to a DS2 version, item level is arbitrarily set at (attribute required - 8).
    • Standard DS2 equip requirement is item_level -2, so the final equip requirement is (DS attribute - 10).
    • If an item does not have any requirements, a value approximating that of the rest of the set will be used.
  • Uses inventory images from DSLOA, but not the models that are equipped on the character.
  • Known Issues
    • Non-Descript Names - e.g., "Sword"
    • The game appends "... from the XXX Set" in the object description. The item names are meant to go with that.
    • Cast on Hit and Cast on Attack effects do not appear to trigger or to trigger for an incorrect amount of damage.
      • April 22nd/2009 - moved these to base items
    • Equipping the Amulet or Ring from Adela's Demeanour causes the flames on the Staff to turn off.

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