Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cat Mansion 2.1

Download Cat Mansion 2.1 for Dungeon Siege II, with optional Broken World patch. This mod was made by DDllulu (http://www.herenaforge.org). It is not always easily available there and therefore has been hosted here.
The documentation included in the ZIP file (in a Word Document) is reproduced here with straight copy-and-paste.

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Mod Title: DS2 Cat Mansion Girls
This mod adds Cat Mansion Girl Elves, Humans and Dryads to Dungeon Siege 2 and Broken World
Author(s): DDllulu
Special Thanks:

Mod Version Number: Alpha 2
Release Date: October 3, 2007
Mod Size (approx.): cat_bw_core5.ds2res = 467 KB
Cat_core.ds2res = 6.87 MB
Cat_textures.ds2res = 38.4 MB
Cat_patch1.ds2res = 121 KB
All 4 files are required for the mod to function correctly
Contact Information: DDllulu or Bare_Elf
Web Site: www.herenaforge.org

Installation Instructions: Install cat_core.ds2res, cat_textures.ds2res and cat_patch1.ds2res in the Dungeon Siege II resources folder. Install cat_bw_core5.ds2res in the Broken World resources folder.
Uninstall Instructions:
1. Just delete the file you installed from whatever directory you put it in.

Requirements / Compatibility
This mod requires Dungeon Siege II and Broken World
Compatibility issues: This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies the starting characters such as Girl Armor for Broken World 1.8 by bare_elf or Succubus by Elys. There may be other conflicts however they have yet to be found by testing.

Changes between Alpha first upload and Alpha 2
There was a problem with starting any character Cat Mansion or otherwise in broken world. There may have been problems with the previous upload by bare_elf. She has un-tanked all files except Cat_Patch1 and re-tanked them with a priority of 1. She next verified that her saved games would load correctly and that she could create a new character in both DS2 and Broken World using both the standard starts and the Elys Succubus Manager starts (turning of the Succubus mod).
Comment by bare_elf – I am not sure but I think some tweaking with the files that I did trying to get them to work with girl armor could have caused the problem. I may have uploaded the modified mods, the elf can do that when sleep modding. 

Mod Details
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: Y
Difficulty Settings: N
New Graphics: Y
New Sounds / Music: N
New Weapons: N
New Armor: Helms are modified so that they appear as cat mansion headgear.
New Spells: N
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): N
New Character(s): Y Cat Mansion Girl Elf, Cat Mansion Girl Human and Cat Mansion Girl Dryad.
New Enemy Type(s): N
Modified Experience / Attribute System: N
Modified Loot Drops: N
Modified Container: N
Modified GUI: N
Modified / Custom Map: N
Modified other: ...
Modding Tools Used:

Content provided by:
Tested by:
Other Credits: ReadMe Template by Sharkull
Having the Idea:
Permission is given to use this mod for game playing and you may use any or all of the items contained herein as long as credit is given to the author(s). This mod can be redistributed unchanged and may not be sold in part or in whole.

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

Gas Powered Games and Dungeon Siege 2 are the exclusive trademarks of Gas Powered Games Corp. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World is the exclusive trademark of Gas Powered Games and 2K Games

The author(s) of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod.
This mod is a graphics adaptation to Dungeon Siege 2 and Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World
Future Additions or Changes:



  1. where can I get the new armors for the cat mansion. I want the maid costume

  2. @Devastator - The Cat Mansion items should show up in-game in stores. The maker of the mod levelled them, so some of them might not show up until you are of a higher level, like the other armor in the game.

  3. I have an important question. I have downloaded the mod but I can't seem to get the characters. Is this because of the fact that I have modded armors and weapons in stores and on my DS2 (regular) character?

    P.S. I only have DS2 (not BW). Does that do anything?

  4. @Anonymous - It's possible. The way mods work is that they replace various files. If you have two mods that replace the same file, they won't integrate changes -- the one with the highest priority wins.

  5. Ziddu is jerking me around :P
    I know you probably stopped caring awhile ago, but Ziddu basically cuts off the download halfway through.

    I used to have this mod downloaded from herenaforge.com; but then early 2010 my hard drive died, and I finally got around to reinstalling Dungeon Siege 2, so naturally I'm trying to slide all those mods I had previously back in to the game.

  6. @Anonymous - Thanks for letting me know about Ziddu. I know the ads and popups are annoying, but the main reason I am using Ziddu at the moment is because (a) you don't have to log in, and more importantly, (b) there is no time limit that a file will stay available, unlike many file servers. As you can imagine, old mods may still be looked up many years from the time a game is hot, but file servers may have long dropped it, or mod sites may have died already.

    I experimented with the download a bit, and I think what you need to do is leave the popups open. You can use "Show Desktop" to minimize all windows. It looks like there is one ad popup that will choke because of its Flash script if you try to close the window.
    Let the download finish, then close the window.
    If this doesn't work, I'll have to start looking for a better file server. :-(

    Good luck!

  7. It took awhile, and I'm not sure how I got it to finally finish downloading. Probably did the "leave the pop under ad up for the length of the download" thing, thanks for at least having it out there :D
    I was able to finish, it just seemed to take forever, and for some reason I was getting at 20kbps; which made it that much more irritating. Oh well, I have it up now, and thanks for having it there. I'm not quite sure how 4shared works, but it has never asked me for a password to download stuff from it, and it lets you set it up similar to an ftp if you decide you want it to be fancy.

    Thanks again.